About Us

It all started with a goat.  No, seriously.  Beautiful Life Photography was born, in part, because of a goat.  If you want the full story on that, you'll have to ask me.

I have been interested in photography for many years, it's a passion that I had always wanted to turn into a business, I was just waiting for the right moment.  In 2008 that moment finally came and Jaye Reilly Photography was born.  We became Beautiful Life Photography in 2012 after Jaye Reilly (me) became Jaye White and ceased to exist.

I did my time in art schools, starting with the Perpich Center in Minneapolis and ending with a conservatory in New York City.  I then spent some time in Hollywood until I woke up one morning on a cruise ship and realized my life had changed forever.

Cody is my other half.  I'd say my better half, but we all know I'm the better half.  (I kid... mostly.).  I first laid eyes on him just after boarding that aforementioned cruise ship back in March of 2010.

Cody White was a groomsmen at in one my 2010 weddings.  He caught the garter at that wedding.  I think that was a sign.  We were married at Smith Cove in Georgetown, Grand Cayman on February 28th, 2012.

Cody had a little photography thing going himself, and I loved what he could do with a camera, and I continue to be amazed by his talent.   The decision to merge into one company seemed like the obvious next step.  Also being 6'4" tall is a huge bonus since he can now get the shots I couldn't without using a step ladder.

But wait!  There's more!  Where would Beautiful Life be without Susan Santos?

Without Susan (and that goat), there would be no Beautiful Life Photography.  She was the catalist that got things going back in 2008.  She's also a natural behind the camera and has an eye for angles I'd never even dreamed of before she showed me the way.  Whenever you put a camera in her hands you can expect nothing but great things to come out of it.  Susan has been my shooting partner for several weddings and pretty much all of my portrait sessions from my San Diego days.

Susan left me in 2009 to go live near Las Vegas, NV.  She both rocks the camera in Vegas and whenever possible I fly her out to capture weddings with me.  Like the time she battled the Mexico City airport by herself, while 25-weeks pregnant, to come out to Cancun to capture wedding with me.  Girl is amazing, even when pregnant.  If you ever get to talk to her you'll have to ask her about her three gorgeous children and the day she woke up with a paralyzed face.  It's a good story.

I'm hoping someday I can convince her to move to Chico and we can really rock this town, but until that happens we will continue to rock up Vegas together!

We are the Trio that make up Beautiful Life Photography.