Chico, CA Senior Portrait Photographer | Alicia in Minnesota

Welcome to Part Two of my Totally Awesome Themed Sessions.  Sorry, you will not get to see what makes these sessions any different than a typical portrait session just yet.  Instead, you get to see an awesome senior!

Alicia is actually a senior at the high school I went to from grade 7-10 and the school my Mom still teaches at.  She's also a counselor at the same summer camp that Desi and Cody work at.  So when Alicia and I were coming up with an idea for her senior portrait session I had the idea to include her in the Totally Awesome Idea that I had.  She loved the idea as well (I think it's camp people, they are totally open to doing crazy things!).  In addition to participating in these themed session we also had the chance to get some senior portraits in for Alicia.

So, happy senior year, miss!  Enjoy it!
I have pretty much all but begged Alicia to use the above image as her yearbook photo.  :)

So that's it for Miss Alicia... for now!  Stay tuned!  On Monday I will finally reveal to all of you who haven't been religiously following my Facebook Page what my Totally Awesome Idea was.  Because it's pretty awesome and so are all of the people involved!