Chico, CA Engagement Photographer | Desi and Cody in Minnesota

I haven't posted much over the last few months due to a long term job commitment that brought me back to Minnesota for a few months.  Luckily while there I was able to convince a few amazing clients to allow me to take an idea I had and make it a reality.  It took an engaged couple and a senior along with 7 awesome volunteers to make the dream a reality, but earlier in August we did it!

I will be sharing these sessions in a three part post, beginning with the engagement photos of Desi and Cody.

Desi and Cody are an awesome couple.  Both are camp counselors who wanted to have their engagement session photographed at the camp they work at and love.  It also just so happens to be where they will be getting married next May!  And, yes, I will be there to capture it all.

Desi and Cody are also great sports.  When I came to them with this idea I had I expected a little resistance or just flat out refusal.  It was a crazy idea, after all.  But that is not the reaction I got from them at all.  Desi said she thought it was hilarious and they'd love to be involved.  I love it when my clients go with my crazy ideas with an open mind and lots of enthusiasm.  :)

This first part of this shoot is a simple engagement session.  Not really much is overly special about it, you will notice.  But just you wait.  It was what happened AFTER their engagement session that made this day really awesome!


 After capturing this session Desi turned to me and said "we're so country, aren't we?".  Yes, Desi.  Yes you are!  Haha!
 A fun twist to the wooden letters idea!  This one I have to credit entirely to Cody (my Cody, that is!).
Oh, Desi and Cody... I love you guys!