Chico Wedding Photographer | A Love Letter

I just wanted to write this love letter as a precursor to the two incredible photo sessions that are happening this weekend...

I love my clients.  Each and every one of you, I love you.  I have been very blessed to have such amazing people to take photographs of.  You have allowed my creative side to flow and to really enjoy my job.

I especially love my clients this weekend.  When I had a dream of a photo session and asked them if they would be interested they all jumped on board.  I then convinced some co-workers to give up their Saturday and help us out with this session.  All because of a small obsession I have (me and a lot of other people, it seems!).  I don't want to give it away, but when you see these sessions you will completely understand.

But I really love that I have clients who are so awesomely amazing that when I call them up and say "So, you know your engagement photos that we are doing this summer?  Well, I have this crazy ideas... what do you think?"  And their reaction is "That sounds so cool!".  Yup.  Love 'em.

So stay tuned.  Seriously.  This shoot is happening Saturday and I hope to have it mostly edited so I can get some teasers up on Monday.  I am just soooooo excited for it to happen and hope it turns out as amazing as it is in my head.

So thank you, my dear clients, for being so great.  :)