Chico, CA Wedding and Portrait Photographer | A Few Images, Finally!

As I've mentioned before, I am spending the summer in Minnesota working on a different sort of project.  Lots of photography is involved, but since it's corporate I can't share any here.  So I do apologize for the lack of updates!  Luckily, two good friends came to visit with their son last weekend and I grabbed my camera and snapped away.  It felt good to take pictures again.  It was by far a formal session, in fact I just meant to grab one shot for my personal records as my friends make beautiful children, but I just couldn't stop taking his picture.  He's pretty darn cute, this one.  So I thought I'd share.  Enjoy!

 I love that at 7 months old he's already perfect the "stink eye".
 The sun was starting to set and we got this amazing colored light shining through the trees.  Love!
Walking back.  Btw, this is where I am living now.  Pretty incredible, huh?  

So since I will have at least another month and a half-ish without any new updates have been thinking of how I can keep the blog updated and interesting.  Since the Jaye Reilly Photography website now automatically bounces you here I noticed that many of my past sessions have been lost along with it.  So what better time than to do "Flashback" sessions.  The only problem there is, everything is archived and my archives are back home in California (*headdesk*).  I did not plan ahead on that one!  But I have some of my more recent sessions that I can dig into and share with you and then get the rest up in the fall.

So be sure to stay tuned for that, especially if you are a past client as your images may appear here again soon!