Destination Wedding Photographer | Ann and Daniel in South Lake Tahoe

Before I even really begin this post I first want to extend a huge "thank you" to David and Kathy Silva of David Silva Photography in Modesto, CA for sending this wedding my way.  I met both David and Kathy a few months ago during an event at Wedding Center USA in Modesto and they have both been so kind and wonderful.  They are great photographers so if you are in the Modesto area be sure to check them out!

Now, onto the wedding!

When I first found out that this wedding was going to be in South Lake Tahoe I was extremely excited.  I have lived in California since 2005 and lived up here in Chico, CA since last year, but I have never made the trip up (over) to Lake Tahoe.  But it's been on my Bucket List to capture a wedding there since a friend of mine got married there several years ago and I saw her beautiful wedding photos.  So it was with much excitement that I packed my bags and drove up to Tahoe last weekend.

Tahoe is just as beautiful as everyone says it is.  In late May there is still snow on the mountains surrounding the lake, and the water is still quite frigid, but the weather was perfect with sunny skies and 70 degree temps!  Cody and I stayed at the Big Pines Mountain House which is just down the street from the gondola and the casinos.  The gondola isn't running this time of the year so instead we enjoyed our evening before the wedding at casinos, enjoying $0.99 tacos and margaritas at Montbleu.  But by far the highlight of this trip was the wedding!

As this was a destination wedding I did not have the opportunity to meet Ann and Daniel before their wedding, so I was happy I got to join them at their wedding rehearsal.  I was greeted at the rehearsal by two of the most welcoming, kindest, lovely people I have ever met.  Ann and Daniel are a match made in Heaven, beautiful together and so in love.  I always love hearing stories of how couples met and Daniel blushed a bit when he told me about how he met Ann when she was working at the Pita place he liked to go to for lunch.  He thought she was cute so one day he gave her his number... and she called him!  

Ann and Daniel had about 60 guests at their wedding, which is quite large for a destination wedding.  I could tell that their friends and family loved and supported them which made for a wonderful atmosphere on the day of the wedding.  Even the bride's father, whom she hadn't seen in quite a few years, was there to show his love and support for his daughter.  For everyone involved, it was a great, down to earth event.

The Lowdown:

 Ann and Daniel, positively glowing on their wedding day.
Their entourage.
 I love this series.  A nervous Daniel pre-wedding getting some encouraging words from the minister, his friend, and his little sister.
Another favorite pre-wedding series of the ring bearer and his uncle.
Let the ceremony begin!  Daniel escorts his parents to their seats.
Best Man Halley escorts the bride's mother and step-father.
Bride's brother Vence and groom's sister Alena are next.
Ring Bearer Derek steals the show!  With the "rings" in hand he was told to run to his Uncle Vence, which he gladly did!
Finally, here comes the bride, escorted by her father and Uncle Ian.
Seriously, it was a beautiful ceremony!
This ring bearer stole the show more than once.
The cake cutting and feeding was very sweet, as well.
Uncle Ian caught the garter.  He's single and very nice, ladies!  :)
 So serious.  And not so serious.
To date this is probably one of my favorite bridal portraits!  I loved Ann's dress.
Another moment where Derek stole the show!  He had a pacifier in his mouth when I went to take this picture.  I went up and asked if I could borrow it and took it out of his mouth.  What I got was what I can only describe as the "glare of death" from a 1.5 year old!  He was not happy that I did that!  Lesson learned!
And we'll wrap this up with the bling!

A big thank you to Ann, Daniel, and their friends and family for including me in their big day.  It was a great wedding, one that I will definitely remember!  And if you are considering a wedding at South Lake Tahoe we have created some special "California Destination Wedding" packages!  Contact us to find out more about them!