Monterey, CA Wedding Photographer | Jeanella + Nasir

I don't even know where to begin with this post.  I have so many wonderful stories and tidbit about Jeanella and Nasir's GORGEOUS wedding in Monterrey, CA that I can't pick just one to share.  So instead I will just tell you that as we walked away from their reception my husband and I agreed that their wedding was the funnest wedding we've been to all year.  Which is saying a lot considering we had our own wedding earlier this year!

It was a beautiful March day in Monterey when Jeanella and Nasir said "I Do" at Lover's Point Park in the presence of about 35 of their closest friends and family.  This beautiful, intimate ceremony led into a reception that will forever stick in my mind as a favorite.  From the fabulous food (honestly, the best I've ever had) to great company.  Top it off with a beautiful bride and groom and it's a wedding to remember.  Thank you, Jeanella and Nasir, for allowing Cody and I to be with you, every step of the way, as you two became one.

Wedding Quick Facts:
Ceremony Location - Lover's Point Park - Pacific Grove, CA
Reception Location - Gatherings - Monterey, CA
Videographer - Wendy's Timeless Videos - Bay Area, CA
Hair Stylist - Brittany Ashby - Modesto, CA
Flowers - Flor De Monterey - Monterey, CA
Music - Scott Brown, Pianist and Terrance Ferrel, Guitarist - Monterey, CA
Cake - Patisserie Bechler - Pacific Grove, CA
Dress - Bridal and Veil - San Diego, CA
Veil - Mira Bridal - Modesto, CA
Rings - Gabriel's Jewelers - Modesto, CA
The gorgeous girls
The handsome guys
Alright, it's time for the "Tale of the Squirrel".  Earlier in the day we'd been capturing some group portraits before the wedding and we all observed a little girl feeding a squirrel.  This brave little guy was acting more like a dog than a squirrel, going right up, putting his front paws on her leg, and looking up for food.  If you've ever been to this park, you probably know this squirrel!  He's got guts.

Just before the ceremony started Cody and I captured these two images as our little squirrel friend started munching on the aisle flowers.  I love the first image because it looks like he's smelling the flower.  As you can see, however, his true intentions were to have the flowers for lunch.
Back to the squirrel story.  What you are seeing is a picture I took immediately after Jeanella and her father made it down the aisle.  I was positioned toward the front of the aisle when I heard a rustling noise behind me.  I turned and saw Mr. Squirrel, sitting on the officiant's foot, munching on the streamer decorations.  I had to grab this moment, of course!  I looked up and realized that the officiate was completely oblivious to the fact that a squirrel had propped himself up on his foot and was munching away.

Alright, enough of that!  Back to the ceremony!

Husband and Wife!
 Really, aren't they just such a beautiful couple?
Now onto the reception.  Jeanella and Nasir's wedding reception was held at Gatherings which is the perfect spot for a small reception.  The food was incredible and the staff extremely wonderful.  It provided the perfect romantic and intimate setting for this couple and their friends and family.
  I must say, I loved Jeanella's choice in signature drinks, they were very photographable!
 The food was fabulous!
 Lots of live entertainment that night.  Everyone from this guest to the parents got up and sang.
He had it coming.

That's it!  We say good-bye to Jeanella and Nasir... for now!  I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future.  A maternity session, perhaps?  Haha, no pressure Jeanella and Nasir!  Enjoy married life.

We'd love to shoot again in Monterrey or really anywhere around this area.  If you are planning a wedding there or anywhere in Northern and Central California and are looking for a wedding photographer we'd love to capture your big day, too!  Head on over the the Contact Page to drop us an email or give us a call!