Chico, CA Wedding Photographer | Jeanella + Nasir Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 (really, it's Day 3 but we weren't there for Day 1...) of Jeanella and Nasir's Modesto, CA wedding!  Be sure to check out Day 1 (really Day 2) here.

Today was their wedding reception where they also did their ring exchange and cake cutting.  It was a beautiful night for February, a little chilly but not too bad and clear skies.  After Jeanella got ready we went out to a park near Nasir's old high school to take some night pictures.  Nasir's friend John came along to provide some comic relief and some interesting portraits!  You'll have to come back in a few weeks for Jeanella and Nasir's Monterey wedding (yes, there's another wedding ceremony here!) to see more of this beautiful couple.  But, for now, here is Day 2 (or 3...) of their Modesto Pakistani wedding.

 Ninja... vanish!  :)
 The girls were so interested in the DJ and how all of his gear works.  He was a great sport and took the time to show them everything.
 Doesn't she look like a Queen straight out of a 40s movie here?
Off they go!

Come back in a few weeks for the final installment of Jeanella and Nasir's wedding, this time coming at you from Monterey, CA!