Chico, CA Portrait Photographer | Natalie + Caleb

I love, love, love when clients return for more portraits.  Natalie and Caleb are two of these clients that I've had the honor to work with multiple times over the years.  It all started when Cody and I flew down to Puerto Vallarta in 2010 to capture their destination wedding.  You may recall this as the wedding that was almost ruined by the fire on the cruise ship that was meant to take us to their wedding, but Caleb and Natalie pulled their ruined wedding from the ashes, came up with Plan B, and had an incredible wedding right on schedule!  So I was of course thrilled when Natalie contacted me upon hearing that we'd be down in Las Vegas for WPPI in February and wanted to do a family portrait session in park they'd heard was great for portraits.

After the convention we wandered out to Calico Basin, NV for a beautiful portrait session with Natalie, Caleb, and their three "children".  Calico Basin is a gorgeous place that made for some beautiful photos.  I'd love to shoot there again someday if the opportunity ever arises.  Enjoy!
 The beautiful Calico Basin Park.  Cody and I got there a little bit before Natalie and Caleb so we hiked around a bit and found this spot.  It was great!  The dogs thought so, too, so much so they had issues focusing at first!
 We did a quick session with just Natalie and Caleb, sans dogs.  I love the look on Caleb's face in this one.
Cute, aren't they?  Well, hopefully we see much more of Natalie and Caleb in the future.  I already told them I have dibs on their maternity and portraits for their first human baby!