Chico, CA Portrait Photographer | Falcon + Freddie

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this couple.  There's always something about high school sweethearts that warms my heart but these two, especially, did just that!  Their wedding is THIS SATURDAY (ah!) so I wanted to get their e-pics up before then.  Can't wait, guys!

And a huge thank you to Cody White for contributing to the pictures seen here.

And then we found a cave... and a cave monster!  :)

The weather the day we did this shoot had been crazy!  We woke up to pouring rain and were worried we wouldn't be able to get the sunset pictures that Falcon and Freddie really wanted.  But it let up right when they arrived to start the shoot and didn't start again until we shot our last pic.  Then it came down... with a vengeance!   But just a few moments later it stopped and a double rainbow appeared!

So stay tuned... their wedding is coming up and I'm thinking that it's going to be just as much fun as this couple!