Chico, CA Wedding Photographer | Jeanella + Nasir Day 1

I have been a horrible blogger and I would really like to apologize for that. especially to my clients who have been waiting to see their photos posted. I am getting married myself in under 2 weeks and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law just had a baby girl last week, so you can imagine life has just been insane!  I WILL get caught up.  At some point!

We leave for WPPI in Las Vegas in an hour where I will be joyfully reunited with Susan after many, many months apart.  So stay tuned to see the insanity that usually happens when the two of us get together.  Following that we all fly out to Fort Lauderdale for our wedding.  More on that later!

Right now, I'd love to share with you an amazing wedding that I had the honor of capturing last month.  You met Jeanella + Nasir a few months ago when I shot their destination engagement session in Muir Woods.  Well, the time has come to tie the know!  This awesome couple had a two day wedding celebration starting with the Mehndi Party on Friday night.

The younger girls were the most enthusiastic about the henna.
I think she was nervous.
It was already dark when we set out to do the portraits, but we used what we could of the Modesto "skyline".  We went back to the hotel where Cody met Jeanella back in October at the Central CA Bridal Show.  It was kind of fun going back to where we all started!
I've always loved Henna and I think Jeanella's was exceptionally beautiful!
I'm adding this one for Cody.  He came up to me at one point because he just HAD to show me this amazing photo he just captured.  I have to admit, she's pretty darn cute.  I promised him I'd include this one in the blog post so, Cody, here it is!
Here comes the bride!
In case you hadn't realized this yet, little kids at weddings are the cutest.
Here comes the groom!
Much celebration followed.
The Mother of the Bride joined in the dancing.
Some of the female members of Nasir's family did a coordinated dance for the bride and groom.
Then it was the guys' turn!

It was a fun night!  But the celebration of Jeanella and Nasir's marriage wasn't over!  Saturday brought an even larger celebration as they held their reception for their extended family and friends.  Stay tuned, I'll blog that soon... I promise!  Along with everything else I'm needing to blog!