Chico, CA Portrait Photographer | 5 Generations

I've had the pleasure of shooting multiple generations in the past, but never before have I had the honor to shoot five generations of women from the same family at the same time.

A woman, her daughter, her daughter's daughter, her daughter's daughter's daughter, and her daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter... all together in one place.  Then later that evening the group went down to the beach to watch the sunset and we took some impromptu individual family portraits.

I'd like to thank the whole family (but especially Kathi!) for flying me out to Michigan to be a part of this wonderful  family reunion and to be able to capture this amazing moment.

I am still in Michigan and still have a whole day and a half of memories to capture.  I just really wanted to get some teasers up for you and the family this morning.

There is much, much more to come!