Destination Wedding Photographer | Lareicha + Kyle in Aruba

I would like to share with you the Tale of 24 Hours in Aruba...

It wasn't *supposed* to be 24 hours in Aruba.  More like 48.  But with some lovely mechanical problems (thanks, American) and other snafu's along the way my trip to Aruba turned into a Comedy of Errors.  I finally was able to get there on Saturday at 3PM... half an hour before the bride started getting ready!  After dashing through the airport and hopping the first cab I could find, I made it just in time.  Thank goodness, too, because this was definitely a wedding to remember!  Let's just say the reception was a party like no other, and this wonderful group of family and friends were also unlike anything else!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Kyle, the groom, is a performing artist in the NY area so the table numbers were his albums.  Be sure to check out His Website for more info!

Whew, can you tell it was a great night?  It was the reception heard around Aruba!  People in the lobby were talking about it the next day.  It was basically like getting a free concert from some amazing performers!

Well, that's it for Lareicha and Kyle and my Aruba adventure!  But I have a lot more coming over the next few weeks.  Several weddings, some newborn shoots, and an engagement here and there.  It's been a busy couple of weeks!