Destination Wedding Photographer | Jami + Ryan Teasers

What a weekend!  On Friday Cody and I boarded the Carnival cruiseship Paradise in order to capture the wedding on Jami and Ryan.  What we didn't know when we I stepped on board this ship was that we were about to get to know a wonderful (and hilarious!) group of people.  Jami and Ryan have an amazing group of family and friends who joined them on the adventure known as Cruise Weddings.  And we were lucky enough to be there with a camera to capture it all!

I had such a great time I just had to get some teasers up!  Sorry they're getting up so late- I was exhausted after 3 days of non-stop fun and needed to take a nap.  :)  There will be another Jami and Ryan post, but for now I wanted to just show you this beautiful couple!  I will be adding pictures to Facebook as I update so if you aren't following me yet, be sure to do that!