Chico, CA Maternity Photographer | Nikki + Brandon

In my three years in business I have scheduled three maternity portraits.  Two of the three never happened because the babies decided to come early, long before the scheduled session.  Luckily, both are now very healthy and thriving but for a little while I thought I was cursed!  So when I got an email from Nikki to shoot her maternity portraits I accepted... and then crossed my fingers that the first two were coincidences and I wasn't cursed!  Luckily, I'm not!

On Saturday I made my way down to Chandler, AZ to meet Nikki and her hubby Brandon to capture their pre-baby portraits.  During this shoot I also had the opportunity to meet Nancy Kartoon and see her talents in action when she came by to do a belly painting session with Nikki.  I had never heard of belly painting until then but was very impressed by the idea in general and by Nancy's amazing creation.  Watching her paint Nikki's belly was like watching an episode of Bob Ross if the canvas were no be alive.  Little Kaylee was pushing out her bottom and kicking away as Nancy painting!  It was quite an experience.  If you are interested in Belly Painting and you live in the Phoenix area be sure to check out Nancy Kartoon!

OK, onto the pictures!

Thanks, again, Nikki and Brandon for letting me into your home to capture this special event.  Hopefully soon the blog will get a first glance at Baby Kaylee!