Destination Wedding Photographer | Natalie + Caleb in Puerto Vallarta

 In order to get caught up I'm going to skip around a little bit and start with a December 1st, 2010 wedding in Puerto Vallarta- soon I'll backtrack and show you a fabulous October wedding I shot in Cabo San Lucas!  Bear with me as I get the blog caught up on my Fall Wedding Season Craziness!

This is the wedding that almost wasn't, or at least almost wasn't as it should be.  Natalie and Caleb had a two year engagement where they planned and planned their cruiseship wedding on board the Carnival ship Splendor.  The wedding was planned for December 1st and the cruise was to leave the Sunday before that on November 27th.  If you watch the news, you can probably guess where this story is going.

The Splendor experienced a fire or explosion in the engine room just a couple of weeks before the wedding day.  10 days before the wedding day it was announced that their cruise was canceled.  Two years of planning- down the drain.  Natalie, however, is a lucky girl!  Because Caleb stepped up to help his distraught bride and jumped into planning mode- coming up with alternate plans for their wedding and 25 guests.  In the end, they only lost 5 guests and their wedding went on the date planned and in the same city.  I have to give huge props to this groom who took this horrible experience and turned it into something fantastic.  They only lost 5 guests in the planning changes and everyone had a great time staying at an all-inclusive resort.  Slowly we all began to forget that we were supposed to be on a cruise!  So what could've been a tragedy had a happy ending!  And some beautiful pictures as well...


I'd like to add that I dragged my poor boyfriend all over Mexico with me in order to "break him in" to be my official second shooter... and he did an awesome job!  Thanks, Cody White, for all of your hard work and contribution!