Destination Wedding Photographer | Jen + Ross in Cabo San Lucas

Time to jump back to October 2010...

Actually, for this wedding I want to take you back to the third grade (for me anyway!).  I moved to a small town mid-year and there was this girl in my class who was wearing the same outfit as me on my first day.  Her name was Jen.  I thought the same outfit thing may make us kindred spirits.  She saw it (and me) as a threat.  I also inadvertently stole her best friend because I moved in right across the street from her.  Jen decided that she didn't like me and all and decided to frame me by writing herself a letter using a curse word, putting it somewhere her mom would see it, and blaming the letter on me.

Several hours in the principals office and some handwriting tests later it was determined that I did not write the note and Jen did.  You'd think this would be the end of any sort of friendship we could've possible had, but as we grew older Jen and I realized we had quite a bit in common (that, and Jen realized she had a crush on my brother... and don't you dare try to deny that, Jen!!!) and soon became friends.  By high school we were extremely close and would remain that way as the years went on.  So when Jen asked me to photograph her Cabo San Lucas wedding I of course said "Yes!".

And as we sat at the bar in Cabo San Lucas, telling all of the bartenders and whoever else would bother listening about our troubled beginnings, I realize you really can find friendship in the strangest of places.  It was an honor to be there for my good friend on her wedding day.  It was also fun to reunite with some people I went to high school with but haven't seen in 10+ years!  So thank you, Jen and Ross, for allowing me to be there and capture your wedding day!  And Jen... f* you!  :)

 I may need to explain the one above... that gentleman was a prop used at the resort's evening shows.  A couple of guests kidnapped him the night before the wedding and he somehow ended up in the bridal suite.  We then proceeded to move him to various places around the room (tub, couch, toilet) in an attempt to freak out the bride.  He was supposed to be someone guest to the ceremony, but he was too heavy.