Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photographer | Kristina + Peter Part 2

It's Ceremony time!!!  It was so beautiful it took up a post of it's own.

A rouge horse, a sleepy ring bearer, a ceremony on a hill, a barefoot bride, and hundreds of family and friends made this wedding truly one of the most interesting and unique weddings I've ever had the pleasure to photograph!  Throw in the fact that these two are dear friends and this wedding is over a decade in the making and you have a recipe for a wonderful day!

 In case you're wondering, they actually did exchange the Ring Pops!  But they had other rings, too.
The horse sort of had a mind of it's own and took a few detours on the way to the alter.
The picture doesn't do the steepness of that hill justice- they were quite a ways up there!
It had already been a long day for the little ring bearer!
This is what you get when you have a photographer chasing after a moving carriage.
The happy MARRIED couple!  After over a decade!

One more post still to come- the portraits and reception!