Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photographer | Kristina + Peter Part 1

There will be a few parts to Kristina and Peter's wedding.  This is mostly due to the fact that this wedding is extremely special to me.  All weddings are special, but usually the extent of my relationship with the bride and groom is a professional one that doesn't extend past the wedding day (except a few exceptions).  Well, Kristina and Peter have been friends of mine for over a decade and their relationship is over a decade in the making.

When Kristina was 13 she met this guy at a block party who quickly proclaimed that he would someday marry her.  They dated off and on through high school and then went their different ways as Peter joined the Marines and Kristina did the craziest thing ever- joined me out in California!  After several years apart the two were reunited when they both moved back to Minnesota.  They continued their on again, off again relationship until both decided enough was enough- it was time to just make it official!

At a beautiful State Park in western Minnesota, these two said "I do".  But before we even get to that part, the craziest Getting Ready session I've ever had!  It was pouring rain along with some thunder and lightening when things got started but sometimes a little rain leads to some fun adventures.  Especially when the bride-to-be still needs to buy her jewelry and goes- where else!- the mall!

A sneak peak to what Ms. K may look like in 60 years?
The obligatory boob grab shot and some Sisterly Love
A quick father/daughter moment before the ceremony begins

Up next- The gorgeous ceremony!